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My little sister nominated me to share three things I’m grateful for five days in a row and I decided to share them here. :)

This is my current pump up tune.  All I’m going to say is put in on repeat tomorrow morning while you’re getting ready for work and I guarantee you’ll have a good day. :)

My little sister nominated me to share three things I’m grateful for five days in a row and I decided to share them here. :)

This song embodies two things I adore- oldies and the magic of musical theater.  I saw this song performed at the Tony’s this year and was totally captivated.  I’ve always loved this song, it has such a sweet sadness about it, but the build up in this one gives me goosebumps in a way the original never did.

My little sister nominated me to share three things I’m grateful for five days in a row and I decided to share them here. :)

Today I am posting three songs I’m grateful for.  This one… I swear, if I have my way I will some day have a choreographed routine to this song.  Weird comment?  Maybe.  Awhile back my boyfriend and I spent our Wednesday evenings taking drop in ballroom dance lessons and I secretly hoped this would make it in as a practice song.  It never did so every time I’ve heard it since we stopped taking classes I’ve had grand visions of which dance styles and steps would work with it!

My little sister nominated me to share three things I’m grateful for five days in a row and I decided to share them here. :)

  • I’m very grateful for my boyfriend’s love for and ability to cook.  Seriously- moving in with him made my life better in a million ways and delicious, home cooked meals is definitely one of them.  Tonight I came home to black bean/sweet potato chili in the crock pot, turkey sausages and onion in the broiler, and fresh baked zucchini bread.  All is not lost, ladies, he has a single brother. :)
  • I’m also grateful for my (very) soon to be born niece or nephew.  I’ve always had a thing for kids, particularly little kids, and I cannot wait to be an aunt.  My sister and brother in law seem more than willing to share this little guy or gal with his many adoring relatives and we cannot wait for his/her arrival!
  • I’m grateful that I’m able to spend so much of my day reading.  (Usually 45 minutes on the way to work and 45 minutes on the way home.)  My sisters and I have all always been avid readers and my life is just so much happier when I’m in the thick of a good book (preferably YA lit or slightly cheesy fiction… not going to lie).

Here’s a picture of my adorably pregnant sister hosting that soon to be niece or nephew. :)

Sometimes when it’s 9:30 on a Sunday night and you’re eating crackers and cheese and an apple for dinner after a few too many beers while watching football (followed by an impromptu milkshake while tipsy furniture shopping because why not??) you just think to yourself, "Geez.  Life is good."

Because you think about your weekend and realize you got to have donuts with your sister and brother in law (and your first nephew/niece in utero!)  followed by a blissfully mellow Saturday filled with nothing more important than a much needed long run and dog baths and trims.  And you got to have a meal and coffee with your parents and other sister followed by another blissfully lazy afternoon (see beer and football and milkshakes above).

And as you sit munching your late night snack you peek into the den and see your gorgeous boyfriend snoozing on the futon with your adorable pups.  And you think to yourself again, "Life is really, really good."

Shraddha is a faith that you are moving in the right direction. It is not a blind faith in some organization, institution, or teacher. Rather, it is an inner feeling of certainty that you are moving in the right direction. You may not know exactly how your journey is unfolding, but have an inner intuition of walking steadily towards the goal of life. The “faith” of Yoga is not one of “blind faith” as is the case with some, if not most religions. Oral tradition of Yoga suggests that the aspirant not merely “believe” in anything. Rather, it is suggested that one test the ideas in one’s own inner laboratory, with the “faith” of Yoga thus being based on direct experience. If one has practiced breath awareness and diaphragmatic breathing and finds that it leads to a calm, quiet mind, that direct experience is the foundation of the “faith” that continuing such breathing will, in the future, lead to similar experience of calm and quiet.

My little sister nominated me to share three things I’m grateful for five days in a row and I decided to share them here. :)

  • I am incredibly grateful for my yoga practice.  Thank goodness I somehow stumbled upon yoga so many years ago- it has truly shaped who I am.  I am a better person when I’m practicing regularly, inside and out, and I’m so lucky to now be trained to share yoga with other people.
  • I’m grateful for my parents.  They are two of the kindest and most honest people I know.  They raised my sisters and I to love the people around us and work hard and I will always be so grateful for their example.
  • I’m grateful to live in Chicago.  This city is seriously a playground- there is always somewhere new and beautiful to go or see.  It’s far from perfect but it’s my city and I love it.

My little sister nominated me to share three things I’m grateful for five days in a row and I decided to share them here. :)

  1. I’m grateful for my health.  Seriously- this is maybe the thing in my life I take most for granted and it is so, so important and I am so, so lucky.  If I want to train for a marathon, I can.  If I want to walk up the ten flights of stairs to my office, I can.  If I want to spend money on new furniture or fun adventure instead of saving it for medical bills, I can.
  2. I’m grateful for my boyfriend.  Cheesy, I know, but he’s my best friend and make my life a million times better in so many ways.  He’s pretty fantastic.
  3. I’m grateful for my dogs.  Their antics and weird little personalities can brighten my mood without fail.  They’re so incredibly loyal and are just the best little buddies ever.  

Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.
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You cannot convince people to love you. This is an absolute rule. No one will ever give you love because you want him or her to give it. Real love moves freely in both directions. Don’t waste your time on anything else.

Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes you’ll put up a good fight and lose. Sometimes you’ll hold on really hard and realize there is no choice but to let go. Acceptance is a small, quiet room.
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For most of life, nothing wonderful happens. If you don’t enjoy getting up and working and finishing your work and sitting down to a meal with family or friends, then the chances are that you’re not going to be very happy. If someone bases his [or her] happiness or unhappiness on major events like a great new job, huge amounts of money, a flawlessly happy marriage or a trip to Paris, that person isn’t going to be happy much of the time. If, on the other hand, happiness depends on a good breakfast, flowers in the yard, a drink or a nap, then we are more likely to live with quite a bit of happiness.
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